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Tracing your Ancestry

There are a number of records you can use to trace your family history. These include census records, birth, marriage and death records (BMDs), directories, specialist records, and more. Below is information on a few records than can get you started:

BMD Records


Census Records


Other Records

BMD stands for Births, Marriages and Deaths. BMD records can help you to begin tracing your ancestors, as birth certificates give you information about a mother's maiden name, allowing you to trace the mother's marriage certificate (the later records hold the bride's maiden name.)

Records are available from 1837 - 2005. This also means you can find your birth record!


Every ten years in England and Wales, a record is taken that contains the names of all individuals living in a household, including ages, occupations, position in the household, etc. This is called a census. These records can help you trace members of the family that perhaps you could not find in other records. Transcripts and Indexes are available for the 1841 - 1901 census.


Directories: These are both a research tool and a valuable insight into the lives of your ancestors. They include nobility records, publis houses of the area, Post Office directories in the late 1900s which gives information about local tradespeople, and more.

Specialist Records: These can help you to find relatives known to be involved in specific fields, e.g. crew lists and landowner records.

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